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A list of links to other sites that are DeLorean related, and what I personally think of heir quality and interest level (from 1-5 "DMC's")

Fan Sites:

Site Description Rating
DeLorean Site Deutschland
Excellent site auf Deutsch (in German).  Even if you don't read German, this is still a great site to poke around in 

The best site for the transfer of DeLorean information. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list associated with this site
Back to the Future fan?
Make sure that you check out this site

   Ital Design - The company responsible for the styling of the DeLorean
  The resurrection of Vixen.  Vixen was completely dismantled by the former owner and is in the process of being rebuilt. Watch the action unfold with a live web-cam
  An upcoming movie revolving around the DeLorean  / FBI Sting operation.  Scheduled to start production in June of 2000  

Informative website. I especially like the .WAV files of the DeLorean engine.
DeLorean fan site - currently offering a DeLorean for sale! (7/1/2004)
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