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The Prototype

The styling was Ital Design (specifically Giugiaro), the suspension Lotus, and the safety features delegated by Allstate Insurance; but the car was all John De Lorean.  Although the majority of the cars looks survived the prototype stages, there were some major differences between the Prototype and the Production De Lorean.  Get the scoop here.

Interested in a chronology of the production of the prototype?  Click here for all the details

The Production Car

For pictures of an 81 De Lorean, check out the pictures that I have taken of my De Lorean.  Click here for all the pics you could ever want.

The De Lorean was produced from 1981 to 1983.  Although there were not typical year based production changes (as DeLorean believed they were designed to force more cars out the doors of dealerships), the De Lorean changed slightly throughout it's short lived production.  Most of the changes related to the hood style, check out the Production Changes page to see the changes that were made to the De Lorean.

What were the specs of the production car? Check out the Anatomy of Excellence

A very cool feature you will see ONLY HERE!!!  An animated DeLorean instrument cluster.

Special DeLoreans

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De Lorean 2000?

A New DeLorean? Get the scoop here.


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