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Here is my attempt at a "Technical Section" Please note that my advice and any other info contained here is provided "as-is" and I make no guarantee that it will work, keep your car from exploding, or help you make a million dollars.
Ever wondered what you would do if you had someone with you when one of the rear tires went flat?  If not, you should!  The rear tires are to wide to fit in the trunk (Unless you can drive with the hood up . . not recommended unless you have x-ray vision) the solution is the Factory Luggage Rack click on the picture for installation instructions, pictures, and hints.
Look like a cool way to have your DeLorean end up?  I didn't think so.  If you want to avoid a crispy fried DeLorean, carry a fire extinguisher with you at all times, click on the picture for the full sad story of this cars fate
A slightly unpleasant engine experience.  The DeLorean engine is known for its long life and is not prone to failure. I have heard of 200,000+ miles on these cars, and am sure that I will see a million mile DeLorean in my lifetime.  With this in mind, my DeLorean's engine started failing at just over 35,000 miles.  The reason, lack of being properly lubricated.  I do keep the oil level up and tend to change it every 2,000 miles. . . Click on the engine to the left to hear the full story.
Good article on - How to permanently fix the DeLorean window track Click here
  Everything you ever wanted to know about replacing your water pump - this documents the process that I went through, and some of the things to watch out for. (in the process of typing this up - check back soon!!!!!)


Removing old style door locks

An excellent article from mike Clemens on removing the DeLoreans door locks

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