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Bill Collins left GM to help De Lorean finalize his dream.  It was his hard work an inspiration that helped the De Lorean reach the prototype level.  However, once an arrangement was made between Lotus and DMC, Collins was forced to take a more background role in the Cars development.  I will try to write more about the history of the making of the prototype in the near future.

Here are two pictures taken by James Strickland. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.  


Prototype, Pre-Production, and Production.  Three versions of the DeLorean? Click here for more information.

 Here are some of the things that changed between Prototype and Production stages: If the Item is highlighted, click to go to a comparison page.



Prototype Pic

Production Pic

Window The Prototype had what I call "bus style" windows that slid open and closed horizontally (just like the sliding rear window in a truck). The Production DMC was fitted with electric "toll booth" windows.
Window Alignment The Production cars windows did not line up evenly on the bottom.  This was changed in the production car
Side Mirrors The side mirrors were bullet shaped and placed toward the middle of the windows on the Prototype, these were moved forward and streamlined on the production car.
Wheels The wheel style changed from prototype to production.  I personally like the production wheels better
Side Markers The side markers were placed below the black side trim on the prototype.  The production car had them inside the side trim.  Also note the changes to the front bumper.  
Exhaust Pipes The Prototype had dual exhaust pipes in the center of the rear bumper.  These were separated and placed on either side of the back bumper for the production car.
Front Grill The front grill went from a solid, flat black plastic piece to a grooved piece in the production model
Air Intakes The rear air intakes were two separate pieced on the prototype but were changed to one solid piece on the production car.
Air Scoops Air scoops were added to the back off the rear quarter windows to help airflow to the engine in the production car.
Lower Trim The prototype was designed to have matching trim.  Not being easy to match the SS304 exactly, the later trim was made flat black.
Interior Color The interior of the Prototype was a brownish orange color.  The first production cars had black leather interiors.  Later in 1981 gray was added as an optional interior color.  (the black and gray were, in my opinion, much better choices than the brown). Although a brown interior was available on the "Gold" DeLorean's
Interior changes coming soon.......


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