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OK - there are a slew of DeLoreans that are considered special (not that EVERY DeLorean is not special, but these are special for different reasons).

I have just started working on writing up this page, so there is not a lot of info here yet, but check back soon!

Gold Cars

gold car information to come - in the meantime, check out the AMEX Christmas ad that made the Gold Cars possible.

Legend Industries

VIN 502 - The only "production" twin-turbo De Lorean to come out of the factory.  VIN 502 Was the first production car out of the factory (not delegated to testing and their ultimate demise in crash tests, training, etc.). . . although I recently saw VIN 500 in a museum in Cleveland.  Under the direction of John De Lorean, VIN 502 was sent to Legend Industries to have work done on the development of a turbo charged engine.  Even as the car was just starting it's production run, De Lorean knew that there would be a need for a more powerful engine, and wanted a turbo available to serve as a possible "GT" option.  I hope to have more information here in the near future.

VIN 500

The first production DeLorean - it now lives at the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland, Ohio



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