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Interior Pictures, Page Three

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This is a pulled back shot of the interior of the car, showing the center console and the passenger seat area
Looking up at the open door while seated in the drivers seat.
The passenger area inside the car
the interior of the car (looking back) taken from the front dash. . . .complete with my knee (no extra charge).
The inside of the car (taken from the back ledge) . . .again, complete with a part of me . . .notice the Airwalks?
Located above the pedals . . cool stuff to play with.  Red arrow - the hood release latch. Green Arrow - the inertia switch.  Blue Arrow - The Lambda counter (I think that's what its called)
Located in the center armrest area, you get a cool . . . nook thingy.  You can see the LED for my alarm here
The interior of the car from outside on the passenger side.  (You can see the stainless steel door sill letters I have added)

Interested in seeing a particular part of the DeLorean? If so please e-mail Michael and I will try to get it put on as quickly as possible. Thanks for your interest.

Pg. 1  Pg. 2  Pg. 3  Pg. 4  Pg. 5

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