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My North Carolina plate "Stainles" - also had "Gull Wing" at one point in time.
Lost the file. . .oops.
Michael Babb
I had a Subaru SVX for winter driving out in Colorado. . .but had to add a reference to the DeLorean Michael Babb
"Bk2Futr" plate from Tennessee Unknown
Washington State "Rustlss"
(also note the DeLorean frame)
Maryland "DMC" Taken at
British Car
Days '97
North Carolina "BKINTIME" sorry
I don't have a close-up 
Taken at
British Car
Days '97
Virginia "81 DMC" Plate Taken at
British Car
Days '97
West Virginia "DMC 12" Taken at
British Car
Days '97
Arizona "OUTATME" Provided by 
Mark DiNunzio
81 DMC - Ontario J.D. Robbins
DS Wing - California Provided by
J. D. Robbins
An SS-304 Reference...very subtle! Luke Sandel
Cool plate on this Las Vegas DeLorean Marv Hein
VIN 16409 - very creative plate! First time I have seen this one. Susan Zimmer / DyAnne Weamire
VIN 16409 again. Plate look framilar? Susan Zimmer / DyAnne Weamire
Have a custom plate on your D (or some other DeLorean related plate)? Snap a picture of it and send it to me at and I will add it to the list!

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