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Here are the factory produced brochures, publications and any thing else that cam out of the factory that is collectible in nature.

Click for a "web recreation" of an original Tri-Fold Brochure from the early days of De Lorean Motor Company.  This features the Prototype De Lorean.  Opens up to 8 inches by 11 inches.
Another Tri-Fold brochure.  Folds out to approx 18 inches by 4 inches.
A Postcard that was given to dealers to send to prospective buyers.  This features an excellent shot of the prototype.
The ultimate Brochure - 19 pages of pure De Lorean information.  See each page it it's full glory.
Interested in seeing what factory accessories were available for the DeLorean?  This double sided insert listed the accessories: Pinstripes, Luggage rack and ski adapter,  car mats and a car cover.
Very Cool - This is an original mailing label from the company

And this seems like a good place to put this:
This is actually an aftermarket License Plate.  Often hailed on E-Bay as "Hard To Find" these are available for purchase from De Lorean Motor Company, Houston. 

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