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Here are the advertisements that i have been able to get my hands on that feature the DeLorean. If you have any others that I have missed, please let me know!

Cutty Sark ad featuring John DeLorean and the NEW DeLorean DMC-12. Title says, "ONE OUT OF EVERY 100 BUSINESSES SUCCEEDS. HERE'S TO THOSE WHO TAKE THE ODDS"  Features a very funky JZD with "Gull wing" eyebrows.
The De Lorean. Live The Dream.  The quote that quickly became (and still is) the slogan for all DeLorean Owners.  For those of us "Living the Dream" to all of you "Dreaming the Dream" this is an excellent ad produced by the DeLorean Motor Company to promote it's new car.
Highlights Of The DeLorean - a factory produced advertisement promoting the DeLorean. Also includes some specifications and additional information on the back side.
An early advertisement for the Craig Radio that would appear in early production DeLorean's. Early owners will note, however, the ad talks about an integrated digital clock which is missing on their Craig radios.
Win a DeLorean in Peterson's Automotive Sweepstakes - Just rush the included entry form in to be processed no later than 4/6/82
How about a registration card for Car and Driver featuring the prototype DeLorean?


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