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Pictures of my DeLorean (with luggage rack)

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Thumb nail Description
really not supposed to be in this page . . .oh well . .this is a shot of the louvers
This is the bolt on a hinge that holds the luggage rack onto the car (and keeps it off of the stainless steel). It is shown with the screw on cap
The same part of the car as the above picture, this shows the car with the luggage rack pin folded down and out of the way.
With the louvers up, you can see the hinge hanging out and swinging around under the weather trim. . .at least it is keeping itself busy.
The back of the car with the rack installed.  Even with stuff on the rack, the visibility out of the back window is not impaired.
This shows the car from the rear with the rack installed
A close-up of the luggage rack on the bottom mounting bolt

Interested in seeing a particular part of the DeLorean? If so please e-mail Michael and I will try to get it put on as quickly as possible. Thanks for your interest.


This page last modified on Tuesday, April 08, 2008