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Winner from August 2005: DeLorean Trivia Hunt:

Chuck McKnight
(check out the trivia hunt here)

Winner from July 2005: Your idea for a monthly contest

From Edgar Sarino:

You could ask trivia questions such as: What was the name of the fellow who modified his DeLorean to hold a V8 twin-turbocharged Lotus engine? Who built the Deloreanosaurus Rex and the Hovercraft DeLorean? Where can one find one of the gold-plated DeLorean's?

The first entry with all answers correct could belong to your contest winner. Please let me know if you select this contest idea.

Winners in January, 2000: Art / Picture contest

This is Barry Leinbachs' picture of his DeLorean (VIN 10100). As Barry states:

Here is a cool picture of my DeLorean taken at the beach in White Rock BC

This is Kevin Rawlings contribution to the world of fine art. It was rendered in MS Paint no less (an accomplishment in itself).
Hmmm. . .Second Canadian entry. Don't people from other countries know about pictures? 
The two pictures on the left are compliments of Germany's own: Thilo Skurch picturing himself with his award winning DeLorean.  (He won 1st place in the "New Age" category of the Street Nationals 1999 in Hanover.  Thanks for mailing these to me Thilo!
BTW: Notice anything different about his car (I can spot two things...)

Congratulations to Benn (A.K.A. OneStop) for having the most in-depth answer to the what the following mystery parts were for December 1999:

Here is his perfectly correct answer:

Well the stretched picture has to be a lower ball joint, well what's left after breaking also left on it castle nut & split pin.
sec:5 sub:1 grp:0          fig       prt number        description           price
                                       15       109266         ball j lower            $85.79
                                        56       sp10877       slot nut                  $1.49 
now the second part" that's put it this way mucker" , without it driving round monaco f1 circuit would make your hand sore.
sec:4 sub:2 grp:0               1         101284       gearknob           price call

A Special congratulations to my father (a Model A Owner) for providing the most humorous answer:
My guess on your sheared part is that it is a Model A bolt and castle nut attaching the radiator to the car.  That's why it did not last on the DeLorean

Congratulations to Robert Starling for winning the November 1999 contest.  

Here is his winning "Most Humorous DeLorean Story" entry:

Being that I bought my DeLorean to drive and enjoy, I drive it to work when the weather is good.

On this day I had driving the DeLorean to work and after finishing a busy second shift, I was looking forward to the drive home. As I pulled out of the parking lot, on to the main road and up to the first stop light, there  was a little white Honda that pulled up beside me. The passenger was hanging all out the window, yelling something in my direction, that I was not able to hear clearly over my stereo. When the light turned green and I started to pull away, the driver of the Honda was revving his engine and popping the clutch as if he wanted to race. With all the jumping and carrying on that the Honda was doing, I was quite amazed that the passenger was still able to maintain his position of hanging out the window and yelling. This continued until we were stopped at the next stop light, at which time I thought to myself that it was time to put a end to there actions. I knew tearing down the street in a good old fashion light to light race was not the answer for setting these boys straight, but I had the perfect idea to make them think just a little before they tried something like this again in the future. 

So what was it that I did.......I pulled the door handle and allowed the door to raise on it's own power, to give them a complete view of the interior of the car. What happened was classic. As soon as the door opened theirs faces turned a almost ashy white color and I could see the  fright in their saucer size eyes and in their stunned faces.

You see, what they saw when the door opened, was me sitting snugly in the driver's seat, dressed in my full, blue, police uniform.

 Robert Starling


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